Friday, June 10, 2011

Being MIA

Sorry I've been MIA latley, I've been super busy :)
My husband will be returning home REALLY soon :) So it's been cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.
On an AWESOME note, I weighed myself the other day, and I've lost over 10 pounds since my husband has been gone, if that keeps up I'll have NO problem while he's deployed getting back to my 110 lbs that I want to be again :) [that was my pre-pregnancy weight]
Christopher is getting so big. He's been getting up on ALL fours are rocking back and forth
I have a feeing baby proofing more and more will be coming up soon.
He's scooting ALL over the place :) I love it, but he's everywhere! LOL

I talked to my husband tonight, it was amazing, i'm just SO ready for him to get home <3

Friday, June 3, 2011

Not my typical post..

Today is an extremley sentimental day for me, today would've been my brother's 27th birthday..
He took his own life in 2009. I miss him more every single day. I just wish he was still here.
He was such a fun loving, outgoing person.
this was actually taken at our sister and I's birthday party.
2 weeks before..I miss him insanely. I wish he were still here for so many reasons.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I have loved these past few days :)

Oh how I love phone calls that love hours on end(:
I have the most amazing husband in the world.
Concieted I know, psht it happens. (:
But, goodness do I miss him. This time needs to hurry up and go by faster.
He told me to do something for myself yesturday and I knew the PERFECT thing ;)
I've been talking about it for YEARS, literally YEARS! :)
And I LOVE it :)
I'm gonna take today and hang out with my little man(: