Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And when it rains.....

Oh my goodness, do I believe in that saying now! So, yesterday I went shopping at the NEX, grabbed a coffee, and went about my day. I leave the NEX, and decide to stop at a friends house before I head home, she's right down the road, so why not? I pull in, she's comes outside to help me get the kids and coffee, and she goes "uhm..your car is making a really weird noise, I think you might have a hole in your tire!" NO WAY! I'm thinking there's no way, I am NOT dealing with this! We head inside, I decide 15 minutes later to go outside and check it and low and behold........I HAVE A COMPLETELY FLAT TIRE!!!! Now I'm standing outside thinking to myself, jee, why am I NOT surprised, my husband is underway, I've never dealt with this before, It's only right that this happens now and doesn't wait. OF COURSE NOT! First thing I do, call the insurance company, right? Well, first thing I did was panic and just cry! I've had some serious anxiety issues lately! I HATE IT! Wish I could pinpoint where they're coming from. Anyways, after my panic was over, I called the insurance company, they send out roadside assistance, and they the roadside assistance guy asks me for the bar to get my rims off. WHAT?! Who knew that my husband has custom rims on the car, I sure didn't! Anyways, I FINALLY find the hook, bar whatever. lol He puts my spare on. I decide to head to base to the auto place, I get lost and it takes me about an hour to find it, I find it and they tell me my tire couldn't be fixed (kinda figured that since it had 4 holes in it!) Crazy right?! $160 later, I order a new tire. I go in today THINKING I was going to get my new tire on, just kidding...apparently I'm missing a "hub spacer" I'm a girl, I couldn't tell you what that is to save my life. So, because my spare is a full sized...guess who is NOT going back to the shop?! ME! The car will be waiting on my husband to get home and take it in, yes I make my love "hunny do-lists" . On, a plus side, he starts leave as soon as he gets back for Christmas! VERY EXCITED to actually have him home this year! Hard to believe, that this time last year I was 5 months into my very first deployment, and skypeing with my husband because they were in port on Christmas! And, can you believe it's almost 2013?! 
Where in the world has time went? 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

And are we in high school

Okay, If you remember a few posts ago you know I'm having a REALLY hard time making friends. And, now I know why...I have NEVER in my life been surrounded by some of the FAKEST people! Now here me out, I'm not normally the one to go around saying people are fake and things like that. But come on..90% of the people I have met here are nice as can be to your face, but goodness knows their running back to their "friends" (that's in quotations, but they all talk crap about each other) talking about you to them. Now, I am going to be the first to say I am guilty as can be of comparing my friends from WA to "these people", but who wouldn't I have some AWESOME FABULOUS FANTASTIC AMAZING INCREDIBLE friends in WA! So who wouldn't compare them? I know that you can have more friends then just them, and believe me..I'm trying! I can't seem to find to many "normals" in this part of the country! Which is weird because I'm from this part as well ;) Maybe, I'm just secretly a west coast girl and I've been denying it all my life. ;) I wonder what my husband would say about that. Because, I begged and pleaded, I wanted the east coast, now I'm counting down the days till we're else where! Speaking of else where, I'm taking a trip early next year to WA! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do have some pretty awesome neighbors, I think that's the only complaint I don't have about this place. I mean, not everyone I've met is fake, but a good portion of them are. Which takes me too, I got out of high school in 2009, I thought I left that behind, because DON'T even get me started on cliques! It just kills me. I'd love to have friends like I had in WA! But it's not looking very likely! :( Hopefully I'll have some kind of luck and soon...until then, I'll do what I always learned in high school, LEARN EARLY who you can and can't trust!