Friday, May 17, 2013

Excitement of a school girl!!!!

Have I EVER mentioned the ONE thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Virginia?! Well if I haven't here it is, there is ALWAYS someone famous coming here, and today was the best one yet....LUKE BRYAN WAS AT THE NEX!!!! For a meet and great might I add:) 
So at 10am, we began to line up for him to come at noon!!! It was also 88 degrees! Yikes My kids were champs to say the least, afterwards we went and had ice cream at DQ because they were so well behaved!! Luke is having a concert tonight, and sadly I had to miss it because Mr's ship is ALWAYS picking the most inconvenient times to be out to sea! But anyway, this post is about Luke Bryan, now that man is my celebrity love affair <3
Don't worry my husband know's all about that love affair ;)
So I bought his new cd's, which by the way...I can't remember the last time I bought a CD! Normally it's Itunes all the way!!! Which I mean, really who buys cd's anymore?! LOL!!!
Now for pictures!!!

All of us waiting for him to arrive!!!!

:) :) :)

[making this one small because of his autograph<3]

And let me add, he is SO GORGEOUS in person <3 LOL!!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A short little update..

Mr. is back at usual. Why do I feel like that's where he ALWAYS is! Thankfully this is a short one, but the long haul is RIGHT around the corner, I'm hating saying that. (Secretly I'm hoping it's postponed again! Shhh don't tell anyone else that) Everyone else seems SO ready for deployment :/ Where I'm over here like.......
 *fingers crossed* Please be canceled. Please be canceled!
Is that wishful thinking or what?! But anyways, the reason for this blog is to share a hard, but I think for the best decision, with deployment coming up, husband and I have decided it would be for the best for the boys and I to MOVE to his parents house so I can have some support, save money, start school, etc. 
Bet that through ya for a loop, huh? 
I'm actually really excited, as I've written in later blogs, I've had a super hard time adjusting to life here, and I was worried about being alone for a X month deployment. So after a long talk, weighing pro's and con's we decided moving was for the best for all of us. I'll move back a month or so before deployment ends, so we can get a new house and get all settled in and have a "home" ready for him when he returns, and not just a ton of boxes or living in a hotel room! I for one like I said, am really excited about this decision, I'll be able to save A LOT of money, save up for a nice vacation after deployment, pay off some debt and most importantly be able to start school :) It's like a new adventure. I'd really like to go to an overseas port and meet him over there since we'll have the extra money, talk about an adventure!!! That sure would be :) 
I figured I needed to update and tell you all where I stand on "fitting in" and getting adjusted! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Holy May!

First before I start this blog, let me give a big shot-out to my BFF's on the west coast clock! 
After 8 1/2 long months, my best friends are FINALLY back with their better half's <3

Now that that's over with. Life in my household. Deployment is sneakin' on up, which is making me a nervous wreck, so much that I've ALREADY started planning HOMECOMING! Yes, it hasn't even begun and I've already been planning if I'll dye my hair, looking at plane tickets to fly my photographer from Washington out! Now, that may sound crazy, but maybe this will be my way of coping, planning for the end! I mean, I've done this before, this whole deployment thing is still so fresh in my mind, we just did one from July 2011-Februrary 2012...NOT THAT LONG AGO!!!

I've been watching videos from the Truman's deployment/homecoming in 2010! It just gives me chills, I get so proud of him and "go navy" around deployment time! Not sure why, that's just when I feel so proud to be a Navy wife. But then again, look at me whineing because of a deployment (someone find me some big girl panties;) I feel like leading up to a deployment is always the WORST, along with the first 2 weeks, after that it's a ride, we get into a routine and stay busy with care-packages, playgroups, FRG meetings, etc. Not to mention the sleepless nights, I feel like I don't sleep during deployments. It makes me giggle, because last deployment I was still a "newbie" to this life. It was my first deployment, sure I had done under-ways, but this was the FIRST LONG HAUL I was about to endure, I couldn't even imagine writing this blog last time, then I thought the world was really ending, I swore it was. At least this time I'm trying to find positives in this. Speaking of positives, 
I've come up with my TOP  2 GOALS for deployment...
  • I will be 110-115 lbs when he walks off that ship (he's totally going to walk by me and have NO idea who I am;)
  • I am enrolling in TCC and getting my Medical Assistant degree 
With school, 2 kids and basically LIVING at the gym I will have NO problem making the time fly by with this deployment!!!!! And of course, blogging!

Which leads me to my closing, what was YOUR top goal during a deployment, did you achieve it?