Wednesday, July 27, 2011


He's gone :(
Sorry I haven't been around much at all, we've just been trying to enjoy every last minute together as a family.
And we got A LOT of time in together! :) I was SO thankful for that.
This is a long road a head of us. But I know we can do.
Our ship had family day they left, and it was amazing to spend time with him, yet oh so bittersweet.
My husband during family day got "voluntold" that he was manning the rails. And I thought how exciting..
I found him, and just watching him stand there in parade rest my heart fell into the pit of my stomach, knowing thats the last time I'll seen my husband in person for 8 months.
I broke down on that pier and it seriously felt like my world had crashed all around me.
After the ship had pulled away and we all started leaving the pier, I get a text "I seen you cry the entire time" I just had to laugh at him. Thanks babe for telling me that.
In all honesty though, I'm pretty sure I've never cried as much as I did that day.
So here brings me to day #2...another day to get through.
But I have found such a strong support system since they have been gone.
And that's exactly what has gotten me through these past two days! :)