Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Well hey there..

Wow, I haven't written since November, there's tons to catch up on. Husband is STILL deployed. Hands down, this is the longest deployment EVER. Okay, maybe not ever, but for us, yes! We have just a few short months to go, due to OPSEC I can't tell you, sorry ;) 

November we celebrated Thanksgiving, where I hosted dinner for 4 of my friends! It was a great time, and my mom was in town, a couple days after my oldest little man turned THREE! So hard to believe, that 3 years have passed already! We had a skype session that month, it was fantastic. I always enjoy skype sessions. I ended up snagging 2 full time baby sitting positions, they are going well and it's really nice to have some extra money to throw around every week! Plus, the best part? I get to still be home with my little men! 

December, my inlaws came out for Christmas, it was nice to have them here. My little men were spoiled beyond belief, I was even shocked on how much I had shopped, maybe there really is a Santa and he snuck a bunch of stuff in my storage closet ;) LOL! Yes, that's what we'll go with. Husband was able to skype a couple days before Christmas, so "Santa" made a pit stop at our house a couple days before Christmas, so daddy could feel included. It was nice, and I know he really enjoyed it! 

January, was January! New Year. New Goals. So on and so forth ;) Nothing to exciting happened in January! 2014 though is going to be an amazing year! 
End of deployment, new orders, late honeymoon, it's going to be awesome!!! 

Now here we are in February, SEAHAWKS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! :D Oh yeah, talk about one happy husband, he's a DIE HARD Seahawk!!! :D But truly, I think that's it. Homecoming items are beginning to be ordered! It's so amazing to finally be at that point!