Thursday, April 3, 2014

Five things this deployment taught me..

Deployment teaches everyone something. That's including the spouse, so with deployment coming in for a close VERY VERY soon. I wanted to take a moment to reflect one the 

#1.) You won't finish the deployment with every "friend" you had when they left.
I think within the last 9 months my facebook friends list has dropped by 200. You know every command has a "spouses page" and everyone friends everyone when they leave. I learned very quickly in the early stages of deployment who would make it to the end, and who wouldn't and shockingly I was pretty accurate. Friendships fade fast in this life. But everyone who get that ONE friend, or sometimes even a couple that they know will always be there for this deployment, next deployment, across the country or across the oceans. I am very blessed with some of the most amazing people god could've ever thought to place in my life, and I wouldn't trade them for the entire world. 

#2.) You are amazing, strong and so damn independent! 
Now this one, is self explanatory  There should be no caption needed for this one. In the last 9 months I've played mommy, daddy, teacher, therapist, friend, and the list goes on and on. I've handled my oldest son getting 15 stitches in his face, did a move with little help, learned what life was like with stitches, and just a few days ago had a car accident. I've handled it all by myself. YOU ARE AMAZING! Not many people can do what you do, so please pat yourself on the back and tell yourself thank you because YOU are what your service member counts down the days to get in his/her arms.

#3.) I have the patience of a saint. 
Oh yeah, I went there. Everything is ON YOU when your service member is deployed. That means EVERYTHING. Hey, I made it 9 months without killing someone, that's proof enough right? LOL!!! On a serious note, you can't give up. Things may seem difficult, but I promise there's a light at the end of every tunnel. A deployment is a small road bump. nothing more, and nothing less. Expect everything that can happen, will happen during a deployment, and I don't mean everything good or happy. Please Refer to #2 ;) My 9 months were amazingly eventful. But you come out a million times stronger then you were the day he/she shipped out with that "a million month/year deployment" 

#4.) Church helps. Positive people help. 
I returned to church this deployment, and I'm so proud of myself that I did. I have gained an even more amazing support system, and a second family because of church. I was "taken in" by some amazing people, one of those people served aboard the same ship as my husband and was his best friend on board, but he came home to go on shore duty, and man has that family been INCREDIBLE. They have "adopted" my children as their own and always willing to help out, and give me breaks. Because of me accepting god, he has truly proved himself, and truly blessed me in more ways then one. 

Yes, that was needed to be said three times, and needed to be bolded. I see to many spouses lock themselves in the house when their spouse deploys, and eventually you'll drive yourself in sane doing that. Volunteer, Join some clubs, do things with the FRG (if you have one), Scrapbook, etc, etc, etc. I took on volunteering this deployment, as well as finished both my boys scrapbooks from when they were born to present, I also picked up "extreme couponing" just look in my hall closet, you'll believe me. LOL!!! My husband is good on Old Spice for years. 

On that note, every deployment bring it's own challenges, but if you stay busy, surround yourself with positive people and have a strong support system, you'll do just fine! Remember this may seem forever, but it's not and "this too shall pass"