Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A short little update..

Mr. is back at sea...like usual. Why do I feel like that's where he ALWAYS is! Thankfully this is a short one, but the long haul is RIGHT around the corner, I'm hating saying that. (Secretly I'm hoping it's postponed again! Shhh don't tell anyone else that) Everyone else seems SO ready for deployment :/ Where I'm over here like.......
 *fingers crossed* Please be canceled. Please be canceled!
Is that wishful thinking or what?! But anyways, the reason for this blog is to share a hard, but I think for the best decision, with deployment coming up, husband and I have decided it would be for the best for the boys and I to MOVE to his parents house so I can have some support, save money, start school, etc. 
Bet that through ya for a loop, huh? 
I'm actually really excited, as I've written in later blogs, I've had a super hard time adjusting to life here, and I was worried about being alone for a X month deployment. So after a long talk, weighing pro's and con's we decided moving was for the best for all of us. I'll move back a month or so before deployment ends, so we can get a new house and get all settled in and have a "home" ready for him when he returns, and not just a ton of boxes or living in a hotel room! I for one like I said, am really excited about this decision, I'll be able to save A LOT of money, save up for a nice vacation after deployment, pay off some debt and most importantly be able to start school :) It's like a new adventure. I'd really like to go to an overseas port and meet him over there since we'll have the extra money, talk about an adventure!!! That sure would be :) 
I figured I needed to update and tell you all where I stand on "fitting in" and getting adjusted! 

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  1. If Mr's deployment stays on schedule, I am too planning on moving home. One big factor is the amount of money we will be able to safe, so I know exactly what you are thinking! He is planning on getting out of the Navy next year, so any extra money we can save up to have that cushion when he gets out is greatly needed! You just have to do what is best for you, and it sounds like you have a pretty good plan! Good luck with everything!