Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh the never ending stream of emotions..

Oh today, has just been one of them days and oh it's not even half way over.
This upcoming underway, and when I say upcoming, I mean EXTREMLEY soon! is going to kill me! I'm already stressed out to my limits. I've got an insanely fussy baby today.
How am I going to do this on my own? I'm so gahhhh today. How am I going to handle a month old baby. Concentrate on FINALLY getting my license. Hold down the homefront. And still keep myself together.
This is failure in the making. So dear navy, i hate you. SERIOUSLY.
I'm trying to get my house cleaned up, as we've got a huge pile of dirty laundry sitting in the living room, as we've just got back from New Years leave. We went to Ohio for most of it, then went to Kansas to see my husband's parents. And of course I'm totally procrastinating, like normal. I totally wish I could write the Navy a letter and tell them how I am feeling right now.

-Navy Wife

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