Sunday, July 28, 2013

Clashing of worlds

I realized why Navy Wives clash, seriously.....ready for it?!
We all come from different parts of the world. We do, some people are raised in the country, some in the city, some in not great parts of town. We ALL come from different parts of the world. Now, I was raised in a small town of just a little over 350. Yeah, that's not very many. I was raised in the Boondocks. Hands down. Loved every minute of it. And when I married my husband, I was thrown into city life. Norfolk is way to city for me. I miss the small town feel, I miss the lake, I miss the people I grew up with. It makes me sad when I think about my boys will never be raised in the boondocks like I was. I was raised to respect your elders, I was raised to always be blunt. You never spoke behind someone's back. We were upfront as upfront could be. I'm still that way, I think that's why I don't click well with people, because some people think it's cute to talk behind your back. I was raised where our 'friday night fun' was spent watching truck pulls, in the mud and bonfires. We ran our pickup's through mud. 
We all come from different ways of raisin', and I think that's why some of us clash! I miss my small town folks. I do I do. I think sometimes people forget that we're not all from the same area. It's just like I have a way I act at home, because I know I can be a DOWN RIGHT REDNECK and not get judged for it. But when I'm in "city mode" I feel like my "redneck" can only come out sometimes, and that makes me sad. People can be way to harsh sometimes for you to act yourself around them, imagine that...sometimes you can't be yourself. It's stupid if you ask me. I've never been the person though that likes to be judged. I always hated judgement from people, and I feel like in this lifestyle there's always someone behind you, in front of you or beside you that's judging like you've never been judged before, no matter what it is, the way you're dressed, you're parenting, your car, your life in general. It's sad that I can point that out. Maybe it's because I've never been the one to judge someone before I knew the person! People are way to quick to judge sometimes. So here's my look on this; STOP JUDGING PEOPLE. 

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