Friday, July 26, 2013

Well hello there bloggers :)

I haven't been a round lately, but I'm back and for awhile now.
Why you ask? Well, husband is officially deployed, sadly! He left a few days ago.
"Hello, USS Harry S. Truman God Speed. Fair Winds & Following Seas, My Love"
We really enjoyed the last little bit of time we had left together, we were even able to squeeze in some pre-deployment pictures, before he left which are going to help the boys and I get through the next X amount of months. This deployment is a bit longer then our last one, that's for sure. But what do they say? 
"True Love will survive any amount of time or distance"
I fully believe that, because the strong will survive, and the weak will crumble. Last time, I wrote I had said we decided to move home for deployment, well that all changed just a few short weeks ago, when we got a call we've been waiting for! We were offered a house in the newest housing in Norfolk! It's gorgeous housing, We knew we just HAD to take it, because who knew when a house would be available there, again! They don't come available to often! We just knew that it was a sign we needed to stay here. So now that that's happening, my dad is coming out for a bit to help me move in, in just a FEW SHORT WEEKS! :) That should keep me busy for awhile getting a house perfect and ready! I will also be starting school once we're settled in thanks to an awesome friend who has offered to help with the kids, so I could return back to school to get my LPN! But that is really all that's new in my world, I will share just a couple of our pictures from our pre-deployment session <3

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  1. Love the photos! Looks like they were taken over at Fort Monroe maybe? You're right; the strong will survive. Looking forward to reading more updates.