Friday, August 9, 2013

A Shout Out To A Newer Blogger

This won't be one of my "normal" posts, but a very dear friend of mine has started blogging, and I couldn't be more proud of her for it! 

Meet Hannah. 
Hannah and I met in 2010 online on a military spouse support site when her husband was serving in the Marine Corps, Hannah and I immediately clicked and became friends when in March of 2010 we both found out we were EXPECTING our first child, Fast forward to June of 2010, we both scheduled our "sex ultrasounds" and could hardly contain ourselves with finding out what one another was having, but when I had received a text message that their Precious little girl had passed away, I was devastated  I've never lost a child, but it terrified me to pieces. But I know Phoebe (their precious baby girl) was present when I gave birth to Christopher in November of 2010 it was such a horrible labor, but I know she was there protecting him! And that gave me comfort <3
(our due dates were just a week apart from each other) 
In May of 2012, they gave birth to a GORGEOUS baby boy named Randy Lee "RJ" for short. He was loved by everyone, I had never even met him and I loved him! But just 9 short days later, their little boy had passed away, this hit thousands of people all across the country, and the world! No one expected this. 
Hannah is one of the most incredible and strongest people I have EVER met and I am so blessed to call her one of my "best friends" 
We have yet to meet in person, but one day we will and it will be the greatest day :) 

Here is a link to her blog, please make sure to check it out! 

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