Sunday, May 22, 2011


Honestly, I haven't had a lot to write about, besides for the fact that I have been SUPER down.
I am SO over this underway and deployment, and deployment hasen't even started.
I just want my husband to myself! Our son needs his daddy =/
So, dear underway JUST END ALREADY!
I'm tired of waking up alone. I'm tired of going to bed alone. I'm tired of eating alone.
Gosh, I feel like a baby.
Found this quote, and it explains exactly how I'm feeing today...
Exactly. I'm missing everyhing about him.
Hell, today I've been missing him so much I sprayed his colougne on myself and I'm wearing some one his deodorant
(he buys a stick just for me, just for this reason! lol)
I started feeding our little many baby food. HE LOVES IT! =)
It's so sad for me though, my babyboy is growing up, I kinda wish he'd stop!
When daddy is home for good, then he can start growing again.
He's missing everything and it breaks my heart! =/ 
Tonight is just going to spent relaxing with little man, then once he goes to bed. It's Army Wives time!

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