Friday, May 27, 2011


Please excuse the fact that I haven't been around latley.
These past few days have been hell.
Wensday night I was in the ER with my little man who had a temperture at 103 and just throwing up insanely.
So I was in the ER from 10:00pm-1:30am =/ They look blood, they took urine (by cathather, which I was FURIOUS about!) and then xrays of his chest. He was miserable.
No mother likes seeing her baby sick.
He's been feeling a little bit better, but he's still not back to himself, just yet.
So, momma has been exhautsed with having a sick baby.
I'm just hoping he gets to feeling better and soon.
On a higher note, today my hubby got frocked to E5 :) I am so proud of him. I just wish I could've been there.
(For non military readers, frocked means pinned to a higher rank)

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