Thursday, August 9, 2012


Here we are in August, wow did 2012 fly by or what?
We're still in Ohio for only a few more weeks, then we move up to Norfolk!
Got a house. FINALLY. We thought we'd end up being homeless for a little bit!
My 21st birthday is next Friday. I'm hoping to get to spend it in Flordia with Robert.
Anyways, I'm all checked in with the USS Harry S. Truman FRG, so they know I exsist. 
It was really bittersweet leaving the Stennis, but I'm anxious to have a fresh start in Virginia!
I should be back around more often once Robert heads out with the Truman. Very much dreading another round of deployment. But we survived one, we can certainitley do another.

OH! I've been meaning to post some photos of the kids so here ya go!
This was just this past Saturday at "The Big Latch On" challenge. 
I can't believe Owen is going to be 5 months old on Wenesday! They sure do grow up fast!

And Christopher, goodness has this kid grown up! He'll be 2 in November. TWO?! I can't believe it, I still see him as my little boy, who is now expanding his vocabulary every single day, running and VERY INDEPENDENT! He think's he can do ALMOST EVERYTHING on his own.

Someone please, slow time down!
But Tootles for now!! 

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