Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A reflection of the move

I never realized just how hard it would be to leave the girls that became "my other half's" while my husband was underway or deployed! I've been talking to them a lot lately and I realized moving is just a small part of this crazy military lifestyle. But you never understand just how hard it is until you've done it! You know, before I left I had friends move away either they were getting out of the Navy or just PCSing, and of course it was hard BUT I still had my other friends to lean on. This time it was me that was leaving, and not just saying goodbye to one person, but to every single person that helped me in one way or another! Washington was our home for almost 3 years. I left everything I knew, and my family to move there in January of 2010. Moving was not something I thought about after I moved there, It took awhile to get settled in, but once I did I knew I had the greatest friends EVER! I guess really the point I'm trying to make here is enjoy EVERY moment you have with the friends you make at one duty station because they could just be lifelong friends you could never picture your life without, and don't stop being their friends because of petty little arguments (because we all know SOMETIMES being married to the military is like being in high school AGAIN!) I mean for goodness sakes K stood by my side along with my husband when I gave birth to my Owen! And ending on that note, tonight is my first meeting with this new command, am I nervous?! OH YES!

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