Friday, September 21, 2012

The underway cycle

As we prepare to gear up for yet another countless underway cycle and soon after another deployment. I have to ask myself where I'm going to find the strength to make it through another. Last time, I was surrounded by the greatest friends a girl could ask for who helped me through each step of the way INCLUDING a very UNEXPECTED pregnancy! This time I'm the "new girl" who hasn't met many people yet. I guess it's time to pull myself together and act like a "big girl"
I haven't found many people I really click with just yet, so I'm afraid of being alone this time around. My friends were what held me together when I was alone, sad, down or just for laughs and smiles. I remember last deployment having countless "dinner dates" with B and K, then we'd sit around and watch tv, make late night walmart runs, or just hang out and talk! I was FAR FROM ALONE with them around! Those girls held me together we were like the three musketeers! We were ALWAYS together! They weren't the only ones though, I had a list of friends that went on and on. I was NEVER alone, someone was ALWAYS just a phone call away, or a drive down the road!
I've met one person so far here, just I really click with, which I am so thankful for! I haven't felt very welcomed at all. I feel like I'm being such a crybaby through this. But being alone is my biggest fear through this! It's not like I can just pick up the phone and call my husband because I'm lonley or sad. See a girl needs friends. 

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  1. I hope you find someone to connect with, loniless during deployment is the hardest thing! Hang in there!