Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getting adjusted

We're completely moved in, with about 15 more boxes to unpack.
My husband graduated from school last Friday, and we hit the road from Ohio back to Norfolk.
Longest drive EVER! The road departments decided it was a good idea to close down ALL the bridges, oh and including the tunnel for "routine maintenance" but really?! ALL OF THEM?! Couldn't they split it up? So we ended up being stuck in traffic for about 2 and a half hours! 
The boys are adjusting terrifically, I was pretty nervous about that! I know our oldest is just LOVING his new room and having all his things and big boy bed back!
And mama is LOVING having all her stuff back too ;) Once everything is unpacked and situated, I promise there will be pictures!
My husband checks into his new command tomorrow morning. It's been amazing having him back home, so it's hard to see him go back to the "normal Navy" we just need to make it through these next 2 years and we'll be okay! I mean when you really think about it, 2 years really isn't ALL that long. And then we'll go on shore duty and have our lives back to NORMAL! Ah, NORMAL! Yeah, we'll get through these 2 years! But, we have another round of underways and a deployment. But we WILL be okay! We've done it once. We've destroyed one deployment.....we can do it again! 
The boys are just growing away! Owen is now 6 months old! He's almost sitting up AND almost crawling! He's such a big happy boy! We've started solids and we're 6 months STRONG on nursing!!!! I didn't think we'd make it this far, honestly. You see with my first son, we only nursed until 2 and a half months, because I was not enough making milk to satisfy him. So this is a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT to make! 
Christopher is just learning new things EVERYDAY! His vocabulary is just expanding DAILY! I swear, he's so smart. He's learned how to count to 6, and we're currently on working on how to count to 20! (that is how many stairs are in our house!) We're planning on beginning the potty training experiance, we're not sure how this is going to go but he is VERY interested in it! He's going to be 2 in LESS then 2 months! This is nuts. It feels like JUST yesturday that I gave birth to him. Kids really grow way to fast! 
Well, I think that's really that's all that's new in our world! Until next time readers! :)

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