Friday, April 19, 2013

Weather, Kids and everything else

yes, this is going to be a post ALL about the weather, lol. Not really but I have a severe fear of storms, especially when my husband away, yes that may sound babyish but I really am afraid. My 2 year old just woke up from it too, well also because I was sitting outside chatting with my neighbors, which was fun it was nice to get some adult interaction! So at least I have my son to keep me company, I'll probualy just let him sleep in bed with me too, have a little "sleepover" lol I let him do that sometimes when my husband is gone, and we have fun! We put cartoons on, make popcorn and I just enjoy having him be my little cuddlebug again....even if it is just for the night! You see, when he became mobile, my little cuddlebug was no more, non-exsistant! But now he's starting to wanna be that way again, and this mama has NO COMPLAINTS!

 It's so hard to believe this year is flying by, in just a few weeks it'll be MAY already?! That means my little man will be 3 in 6 months, that's even harder to believe! Babies grow way to fast, secretly makes me want to have another little one ;) I won't even lie. Currently as I write this, he is counting and picking out a book for me to read to him, this kids LOVES books! He has so many!! But he loves story time! I probualy sound like a terrible mom having my 2 year old up at almost 11pm, but I enjoy this not only does it give me some one on one time with him, it helps me because when my husband is away and the kids are asleep that's when I get super lonely because then...I am alone. The house is then SO silent besides the tv in the background, or the clicking of my's then just me and the cat! And my cat certainly doesn't talk back ;) 

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