Wednesday, October 24, 2012

One of those sleepless night

Kids are asleep, so why am I awake..well, because I can't sleep! My oldest has been asleep since about 8, my youngest crashed about 10:00, and here it is...1:30am and I am still MORE THEN AWAKE! Got an email tonight from my husband, telling me some very upsetting news, a friend of his that he served with in Afghanistan passed away a few days ago, now I'm not going to get into detail but it was VERY UNEXPECTED and my hubby is having a REALLY HARD TIME! Thankfully, he'll be home soon! (due to OPSEC I shall refrain from saying how soon!) But, I'm glad that he won't have to deal with these emotions all by himself. So keep that Soldier's family in your prayers! I'm not to sure on how long this blog will be, because weather I like it or not, sleep is in my near future, or I won't want to get up in the morning! The house is almost COMPLETELY unpacked, only took forever right? Really all that's left is boxes of clothes, have I ever mentioned how much I HATE folding clothes and hanging them up?! Yeah, well now I did! Maybe I'll leave those boxes for husband! Oh, and there's a pile of stuff in the upstairs hallway, just random things I need to think of a place for. I'm going to have to get the house done soon so I can make a video for here and the girls back in WA since they're DYING to see the new house! So, last week Christopher was sick, he got all better and now what do Owen and I have, you guessed it! Christopher's sickness! This is the FIRST time Owen has really been sick, thankfully he's still nursing and eating his baby-food, so I'm not real concerned, but I do HATE seeing my babies sick! That's the worst thing ever in a mother's eyes! I think I'm going to cut it off here, because my eyes are actually getting pretty heavy! Yay! Sleeptime! 

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